Tucson’s Journey To Soccer From Baseball

Tucson which is popularly known for professional baseball from 1930 with MLB Spring Training (1945 – 2010) would be out of title nosooner “Tucson Padres” begins playing last game at hometown for the season. “Tucson Padres” would be leaving Old Pueblo due to El Paso in the year 2014 as soon as “Tucson Sidewinders” had departed for Reno post 2008. Kino, on the other side would not wait for next team to arrive.

FC Tucson would take over northern side of Kino Veterans ground and the area is likely to be converted to soccer facility to be made accessible to people. Nosooner it takes place, sports complex originally named as “Spring Training” home for White Sox of Chicago and Diamondbacks of Arizona is unlikely to be available for some other baseball team to get into the stadium. The stadium has been incapable to bring more number of fans.

With acquisition of Hi Corbett Field (Arizona) and northern side (Kino) by FC Tucson has led minor league baseball team only with small space for planting other seed into it (Tucson). Pro-baseball hoping to remain in Tucson to play Rookie ball or go to Hi Corbett for playing post season of college baseball but is unlikely to take place or “Pacific Coast League” going to Kino stadium when associated with Arizona Diamondbacks.

The main problem is Diamondbacks having Reno and even no reason is being identified for the team to transform their affiliation with the team moving to Tucson. It (Tucson) has been changed to pro soccer town from pro baseball. It is being financed by “Major League Soccer” using Tuscon as a preseason place. Since last 2 years, it (Tucson) is preseason location for 4 teams of “Major League Soccer” in Desert Diamond Cup being anchored by FC Tucson.

“New York Red Bulls” took part in the preseason match for 2 years bringing in fame for the city from popular players including Tim Cahill (Soccer legend from Australia). Luis Robles (Goal keeper, New York Red Bulls) had born on Southern Arizona and played in the city. He along with other residents knows how Tucson had been during the time with MLB Spring Training becoming strong.
Events can help Tucson to grow in soccer with Michael Gspurning (Goal keeper of Seattle) supporting it. Only it is a matter till Arizona gets their own team for the same.



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