Top 3 Ballparks in MLB

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It would be fair to say that in the heat of the game, few people realise the surroundings that MLB fixtures are competed in. This means that it can sometimes be interesting to sit back and take in some of the premier venues in the sport - with all being worth tremendous amounts of money and boasting some of the best architecture around.
Of course, just like with buildings you see in any major city, everyone will have their preference. Some will prefer some of the more modern venues, while others will like nothing more than to watch a game in traditional surroundings. Bearing this in mind, here are my favourite three ballparks in MLB.

AT&T Park
When we spoke about styles in the opening paragraphs, there really isn’t a style that can come close to the home of the San Francisco Giants. AT&T Park is my personal favourite out of the whole of the sport and this is mainly due to its setting, with the ballpark residing right next to McCovey Cove. Consequently, there is already a name for those hits that go out of the park - splash hits. Additionally, there is a digital counter on the right field wall which highlights exactly how many splash hits have occurred.
As well as its location, AT&T Park has several other features that give it brilliant character. In relation to the right side wall again, this stands at 24 feet high to honour a former legend of the Giants who wore the shirt number of 24, Willie Mays.
Other intriguing features of the venue include the giant Coke bottle and glove. The Coke bottle is 80ft long and isn’t there for decoration, as it contains slides for children as well as a tiny, replica of the stadium. The lighting of this bottle makes it one of the most prominent features of the stadium when the sky is dim. The glove on the other hand (pardon the pun), is there for purely aesthetic reasons although it does look fantastic on the eye.

PNC Park
If we’re talking about surroundings, the location in which PNC Park is based makes it another favourite. While AT&T Park may have those tranquil waters set behind it, PNC Park takes a different approach and instead backs onto a terrific skyline. Funnily enough, there is also a river, but it is the hordes of skyscrapers that make the view from this venue truly terrific.
However, while the setting of the ballpark may be second to none, many are disappointed with the capacity which only stands at 38,362. Fortunately, the developers took great care when implementing each and every seat, with them all being angled right into the field. The aisles between seats have also been adjusted to make the game more visible for traveling spectators, meaning that PNC Park is one of the best examples of a ballpark that has been tailored exactly for a supporter’s needs.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards
This final choice probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, most likely because it is one of the older parks in the game having opened in 1992. It retains that retro appearance, with the main feature being the B&O warehouse that is situated on the side elevation.
This would have probably been at the top of my list had it not been through alterations to the nearby environment, with the construction of the Hilton Baltimore Hotel being the main culprit. This has blocked all of the picturesque views of downtown Baltimore that were once open to fans - meaning that many have commented that the venue simply isn’t like what it used to be.
Nevertheless, it does hold many features and the double tier stands are something that many hold in high regard. Another is the colour of the seating and while on first glimpse you may think that every seat has been coloured in green - if you look closely you will see two green ones, the spots where Cal Ripken made his record-breaking homerun and where Eddie Murray made his 500th career homerun.

Understandably, anybody interested in modern design won’t have much time for this pick. But for me, it has those little, traditional features that make it one of the best around.



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