Rangers Refuse to Back Down

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim may have dropped the first nuclear bomb of the Hot Stove League with the acquisition of Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals but the Texas Rangers are refusing to back down with money being offered that would be the ultimate dream jackpot for anyone that plays online bingo games.

The Rangers, who have taken over the American League West Division from the Angels, just signed superstar Yu Darvish of Japan to a blockbuster deal that will provide an immediate shot in the arm to their much improved pitching staff but that may not be all that the Rangers do as they have made it clear there is still money in the budget for Milwaukee Brewers power hitting first baseman Prince Fielder, who was considered to be the equal of Pujols as far as being the top free agent available heading into the 2012 season.

Fielder was expecting one of those dream jackpot payoffs such as the one that Pujols got that makes anyone who plays online bingo games anxious to buy another card or two. But it has been feared that Fielder and his super-agent Scott Boras may have overplayed their hands as the right fit has been hard to find since the Angels signed Pujols, despite the fact that his production has slipped from total dominance to mere greatness and his being four years older than Fielder.

It was figured that Fielder would be a perfect fit for an American League team because, ironically enough, his defensive skills do not match his last name as he is among the worst fielding first basemen in the game. On an American League team, Fielder could provide his potent bat as a designated hitter and leave the liability of his glove on the bench while perhaps extending his career with less wear and tear.

The Rangers spending spree shows that their now Nolan Ryan led ownership will stop at nothing to maintain a championship team. Texas is coming off back to back World Series losses to the San Francisco Giants in 2010 and Cardinals in 2011 but is reloading instead of rebuilding and Fielder would make their already dominant and powerful lineup even more deadly to face.

Texas is showing that winning can spark extra revenue through attendance and merchandise sales that is then poured back into the lineup with better players.



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