Highest paid players in Major League Baseball

Considering the huge entertainment value that baseball brings to the United States, it’s no surprise to see that players in the sport reap millions of pounds each year through their lucrative contracts. While people in the UK may think that Premiership footballers are paid handsomely, the salaries are nothing in comparison with baseball and the fact that these individuals earn even more from endorsements makes their wealth quite frankly scary. If you’re having a flutter on these guys take a look at the betting offers available these days.
Following on from the above, we take a look at the top three paid Major League Baseball players at the current time.

Alex Rodriguez
After first signing a contract worth around $442,000 in 1996, it would be fair to say that Alex Rodriguez has come a long way through his career. His latest contract with the New York Yankees is worth an incredible $30m per year although some would suggest that he is worth every single cent, with the player racking up some fantastic achievements through his long career. He has a total of 644 home runs, while the fact he has won various home run and batting accolades speaks volumes about his importance to the Yankees.

Vernon Wells
The fact that Vernon Wells is currently 2nd in the earnings league and earns almost $6m less than Rodriguez shows just how lucrative the latter’s contract really is. Just like Rodriguez, Wells started out in modest fashion with his first contract pocketing him $200,000 in 1999. However, his most recent deal is worth just over $24m - although this is strangely $2m less than his contract from last season. With Wells an outfielder, it is simply impossible to compare his record to Rodriguez. However, he has won the famous Golden Glove Award on three separate occasions and that highlights his importance to the Los Angeles Angels’ team.

Johan Santana
The final player we’re going to look at is Johan Santana, who currently plays for New York Mets. Santana isn’t too far away from 2nd place with earnings of around $23m from his last contract, although with the player now 33-years-old you just have to wonder if his deal has reached its peak. Again, it is difficult to compare Santana to either of the above two, with the player being a pitcher by nature. The fact he has accumulated almost 2,000 strikeouts through his career is very impressive though, while he is another man who has won countless personal achievements through his career in Major League Baseball.



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