David Ortiz expressed his grievance against former manager Bobby Valentine

David Ortiz is quite angry with his previous manager Bobby Valentine and expressed his grievance against him after making the new deal with Red Sox. Two weeks ago he could not play in the last part of the season. He said, “The decision that I shall not play was taken by my doctors, the team manager and me. The doctors told me that the condition of my tendon was not right and I should not make it worse.”
He was not playing after 18th July to the later part of the month of August because of his injuries in the right Achilles. On August 24, he returned for one match. On the next day there was a trade by which Nick Punto , Carl Crawford , Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez were sent to Los Angeles Dodgers but Ortiz came back to DL on the very day he played his last match.
Valentine said in an interview, “He was not willing to play anymore. His downfall started from there actually.” The 37 year old David Ortiz completely denied this deal that he has disagreed to play for the remaining season. He was extremely annoyed with the manager Valentine and said, “I think he is having some mental issues.”
He said that he always want to support him. He has also been in a lot of meetings of players. Though he was having injury he came to support him. He said, “I was not sure about my health condition. Still I wanted to help my team in MLB Baseball. I also told him the same.”
Though after the interview was telecasted in the national television, Valentine sent a text message to David Ortiz by saying that media was trying to change the meaning whatever he had said. However, Ortiz has not replied that message.
Ortiz depicted the fact that he is saying all this because he wanted to come back in the team Red Sox. In fact, he has already made a contract of two years with his team. This year he got $14.575 million. And in 2013 and 2014 he will get $14 million and $11 million respectively. He will also get incentive for his good performance and that will make his income $30 million in total.
Ortiz feels extremely happy to make this contract again because he thinks that after this contract he will not need to play for any other team rather than Red Sox in his entire career of MLB Baseball.



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