Major League Baseball OS is one of the best sources of relevant baseball news and legitimate rumors for more than 10 years. The site focuses on what is currently happening in the Major League Baseball. Our well-established journalists and writers make sure to give readers new and credible news that are yet to be released on other sites.

Major League Baseball OS is owned by Marshall Johnson, who was a baseball player in his younger years. As a fan himself, he knew the importance of statistics, news, and rumors on the Major League. He knew how frustrating it is to not hear or see news about his favorite Major League Team. Around August 2009, Johnson with his former high school baseball team players decided to create a website for baseball lovers and Major League Baseball followers. Johnson and his friends aim that with the website, they will be able to provide fellow MLB fans with credible news about their favorite MLB team.

Johnson and his friends were given the chance to meet many baseball players since they started their website. They attended all the games in the Major League in complete attendance, whether it rains or shines. Aside from that, they made an interesting relationship with the coaches and officials of the MLB because of their immense love for the game.  They are now given the chance to commentate on several occasions in the Major League.

It is no wonder that the site serves fresh news reports from bleachers 365 days a year. They also post credible rumors with the links of their sources to ensure their credibility. The site also writes about the best players and teams in the history of MLB. They do not only share the news that they received but also educate new baseball fans about the long winding history of MLB.

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