Business and Football were once in a different perspective, but thanks to the famous David Beckham of England and Hidetoshi Nakata of Japan, both are now more likable. Now that fashion is becoming a trend in the world of football, big companies like Stitch Fix Review: What’s the cost? Is it worth it? are also finding their way to make it more appealing and aesthetic in sportswear.

Fashion has been surprisingly trendy among men and women football enthusiasts. Although there are no dress codes when attending a World cup, a lot of people are going crazy in supporting their teams by showing off different dress styles.

Trendy Fashion in the World Cup

Dressing up to support teams during World cup is now becoming an athleisure trend. The tournament has been the talk of the town as it also possesses a high level of excitement for every soccer lover. And with the infusion of the latest fashion to the field of football, it’s no wonder why some big companies are also teaming up to make huge profits in the fashion business.

Marks and Spencer

Perhaps one of the notable successes in World Cup fashion is the ‘Southgate effect’. The fashion design is a three-piece suit and a jacket that reveals a single bosom waistcoat. With its unique design, it is seemingly an avenue for smart outfits, which are comfortable to wear and give a positive effect. It’s no wonder why the sales climb up to 35 percent with the help of Gareth Southgate’s patronage. Marks and Spencer have been the England team’s official suit supplier since 1997.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton never fails to make fashion remarkably phenomenon. The French fashion label pitched in so much to the World cup, designing a bag that is truly undisputed. The bag is embossed with football designs that came from Louis Vuitton’s classic leather. Similar exclusive versions of bags like Keepall and Apollo were paralleled with Russia’s flag color too.


The Germany-based fashion label also wanted to contribute to the fashion trend of the World cup. Together with its Russian Fashion Designer Gosha Rubchinskiy, the stylist is known to design the Soviet Union inspired apparels and transforming it into street wear. Nike also joined forces in supporting Germany’s team. Both companies are showing off as to which design will embark on the World cup’s winner.


Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones were tapped by this giant to collaborate fashion design dedicated to the World cup. Abloh is never new to designing world cup’s latest fashion. With his contribution to apparels, accessories, and footwear, Football holds a remarkable place to Abloh’s passion.

Local Market

GUM department store in Russia has been making football-themed designs, showing off its creativity. The strongly dedicated store shows how World cup is influencing Russia as they put plenty of soccer balls floating in the fountain, oversized balls that are hanging on the ceiling, and hiring local designers to permanently provide aesthetically designed apparels that are related to sports.

Indeed, fashion trend doesn’t stop to influence people all around the world. With people getting creative and trendy, it can’t be denied that the world of football became one of its avenues as well in order to make fashion more aesthetic and luxurious.