Baseball has been a favorite sport and entertainment that had withstood through the test of time. It has been around since the eighteenth century, and motion pictures about baseball has started to bloom in the twentieth century.

Many baseball films have been made based on true stories and inspired the viewers as the story behind success unveils. So just sit back and relax and grab some popcorn and drinks and enjoy watching putlocker’s top picks of true to life baseball films.

Million Dollar Arm

Sports agent J.B. Bernstein intends to find the next star pitcher of baseball in his last attempt to keep his career. He goes to India to get the cricket player whom the agent can train to become the best major league star. The agent finds two teens, Rinku and Dinesh, with a scout’s help. The two teens has no idea about baseball, but they throw powerful pitches. As the two boys make their adjustments to American life, Bernstein starts to learn valuable lessons about family and teamwork.


In the year 1946, the legendary manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Branch Rickey, made a huge act by defying the Major League Baseball’s infamous color barrier by putting Jackie Robinson to the team. Robinson became the first African-American player to participate in the Major League Baseball. Being attacked by open racism, Jackie Robinson showed true courage and resilience by ignoring the racism attacks and letting his talent silence his bashers.

The Pride of the Yankees

The biographical movie follows the life of Lou Gehrig in his journey throughout his baseball career as he discovers that he has a terrible neurological disease and his brave attempt to battle it.

The Rookie

This movie tells about a very touching story about a coach who finds out that it is never too late for aspirations and dreams to come true. Here comes Jim Morris who has never made it out of any minor leagues and before he can enter into one, a shoulder injury has ended his pitching career 12 years ago.  As a baseball coach, Jim Morris’ team enters into a deal with him that if they win the local championship, Morris will try out for a major league organization.

Eight Men Out

The Chicago White Sox are paid unsatisfactory wages by their team owner’s, Charles Comiskey, despite their team’s popularity. When a group of professional gamblers offers the best athletes a fortune pitch a series which the players agreed, the “Black Sox Scandal” was made known to the public that ruined their careers and reputations.

A League of their own

During the World War II, America’s number of athletic young men was depleted resulting in the emergence of professional all-female baseball union in the Midwest which was funded by a publicity-hungry candy bar tycoon Walter Harvey. Harvey appoints agents to scout all over the country to look for women who can play baseball. The agent finds two sisters Kit and Dottie who constantly fights with each other.

To conclude, the movies mentioned above are highly recommended for baseball lovers as they are really fun and entertaining to watch and you won’t get bored watching them.