Environmental sustainability is today a major concern in all sectors of the world, including the sporting world. More specifically, sustainability efforts are now part of Major League Baseball. MLB teams are taking up actions to ‘green up’ their activities.

Dumpster rental Watertown NY Services following sustainability initiatives are providing solutions on how to manage waste from the ballparks. The waste management service providers are recycling waste on behalf of the teams, and this is diverging greening efforts to other areas of the stadiums. Apart from the contractual duties of picking up the trash, there also are educational initiatives now to teach people what type of waste to recycle and what alternative materials to use that are more eco-friendly.

In April, MLB celebrated Earth Day by introducing sustainability initiatives that MLB teams will institute in their policies. The sustainability initiatives will spearhead the MLB in offsetting the environmental footprint of player and fan travel as well as the energy and water consumption during game days.

The greening initiative is not stopping at activities inside the parks but is also extending to the ballparks designs.

The Orioles is the latest team recognized for greening up their ballpark. The LEED Committee team awarded the team with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold Certification. This is a result of the team’s effort to enhance the Camden Yards to an eco-friendly status. The Orioles will add LED lights (with lifespans of 30 years) which will be a significant step forward towards energy efficiency. The Braves, Royals, Twins, Yankees, Phillies, Giants, Reds, Rangers and Mariners also plan to add LED lights by the end of the year.

The Reds are further greening up the Great American Ball Park stadium by introducing about 200 recycling dumpsters and bins that make it easier for the dumpster rental services to deliver recyclable waste to recycling plants. The Rays are also increasing their dumpster rental services’ recycling bins at the Tropicana Field.

The Rangers are managing waste generated from the Globe Life Park by recycling the waste. The ballpark is also installed with LED lights that save the ballpark an astonishing 60% of energy consumption. The White Sox have introduced a new policy of doing away with straws with the aim of reducing waste generated in their Guaranteed Rate Field.

Some MLB teams are further ranking up efforts to green up their ballparks by utilizing solar panels in the stadiums. The Padres’ Petco Park boasts of the most extensive solar power system. Other teams are striving to reduce the water consumption in their parks by introducing underground sprinkler systems that limit overwatering. The AT&T Park, home to the giants, is a good example that uses the underground sprinkler system.

The ballpark is greening up in many other ways that have not been mentioned such as installing wind turbines, making use of rainwater collection systems, using recycled papers and paperless tickets, teaming up with dumpster rental services to find locations for composting organic wastes plus many other initiatives.