Now that the season is back, let us take a look at which teams will be traveling the farthest and just exactly how far that will be. In fact, some of these teams can even consider selling their airline miles with the amount of traveling that they have been and will still be doing. Click here to find out how you too can sell your airline miles.

During the 2017 campaign, it was, in fact, the Oakland A’s that had to endure the most distance traveled.

You may be mistaken for thinking that traveling would be the easiest part of the season for all teams, however, that’s not true, it can be a real grind for the players, especially over a 6-month period. There seems to be a current trend among MLB teams nowadays where teams are investing in their own planes which does make sense as half (or 81) of the 162 games are played on the road. A Traveling Manager leads each team’s support group.  This group coordinates the arrangements for the team’s accommodations and transportation arrangements.

If we take into account that each team must start at their home ground and finish at their opponents’ ground then we can assume the Detroit Tigers will fly the least with around 24,273 miles roughly.

But taking the top spot for distance traveling this season will be the LA Angels with a staggering 46,485 miles traveled this year. Compared to the 2017 season there’s not that much difference for the Angels as they traveled 46,346 miles during last season which is only a difference of 139 miles. However, there is a much larger difference if we compare this to the 2016 campaign where they traveled 44,847 miles.

Now if we compare their 2016 campaign to the current 2018 campaign then that’s a huge difference, 1,638 miles to be exact.

The team with the biggest difference in miles traveled this season goes to Houston, who traveled 38,452 miles during their 2017 campaign and now must contend with a 45,629-mile campaign which is a staggering 7,177 miles more than the previous season.

Now if we take a look at the team traveling the least compared to last season then that honor goes to Philadelphia who traveled 36,258 miles last season compared to 29,963 miles this season, that’s a whopping 6,295 miles difference.

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