Washington National’s reliever, Kelvin Herrera left the game on its ninth inning against the Atlanta Braves. Herrera was seen leaving the field alongside National’s manager Davey Martinez, giving the Braves a 3-1 lead on the current games

Herrera complained of tightness on his shoulder. Martinez had scheduled an MRI scan on the injured shoulder. Herrera is now part of the disabled list alongside Sean Doolittle.

During the game, Herrera seems to be throwing the pitches really well. However, the constant shaking on his arm left Martinez suspecting of an unexpected injury. This is Herrera’s 7th appearance; he is scoreless after his transfer to the Nationals. According to Martinez, Herrera has been trying to adjust, considering his pitches were not as clean as they seem. There was also a sudden change in his speed. The right-handed reliever usually throws a velocity of 94-96. However, his last two pitches seem to run on 80 plus velocity.

Herrera mentioned that the tightness was not there when he was tossing on the mound. The sudden tightness scared Herrera and his team. This sudden event is crucial to the Washington Nationals. This blow will leave the Washington Nationals struggling, considering they may have 2 players on the Disabled List. There is no news yet on when Doolittle can possibly come back to the field.

The Nationals may have acquired new players on the field, but there is no telling if they can make it through the season just yet. Fans are hoping that Herrera won’t end up in the DL list. Who will close the National’s games now?