After recovering from his sprained ulnar collateral ligament on his right elbow, Ohtani was expected to throw off the mound on the recent game last August 7, 2018. In the game, Ohtani was able to bring two home runs against Jacob Turner.

Detroit has taken the lead after they scored a pair of runs from Andrew Heaney on the first part of the game. However, as you fantasy sports buffs know, Angels were able to recover on the bottom part of the inning. Justin Upton and Kole Calhoun were able to come back with back-to-back singles. Ohtani then crushed a 2-0 fastball leading the Angel’s with a 3-2 standing.

Ohtani was very much excited to be back on the field after his stem-cell treatment from his previous infection. He was able to perform well this season with 12 home runs.

However, it wasn’t an easy game for Ohtani. The Japanese rookie is still taking it slow on his swings and pitches. He is still struggling with his swings although it may look easy.  In addition, Ohtani is hitting the ball hard. It seems like he will be able to recover soon. He has not missed his timing and was able to hit farther across the field.

It might take a little longer before Ohtani can come back to pitching. It is reported that he will be back on the mound on September. Hopefully, by then, he will be able to regain both his swinging and pitching capabilities.