The Boys of October are about to take center stage. Are you prepared for the upcoming MLB playoffs and the World Series?

As it stands, it looks like the following teams are going to be going to preliminary Fall Classic: In the AL, we will probably have the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Los Angles Angels of Anaheim (I can’t believe they actually stuck with that atrocious name) and the Cleveland Indians. Although, either the Yankees or the Indians can forget about the Detroit Tigers, a team that’s only 4.5 games behind the Indians for the AL Central and 2.5 behind the Yankees for the AL wild card slot.

In the National League, things are even worse. There are six-to-eight teams that have a legitimate shot at making Major League Baseball’s second season. The teams fighting for these spots include the New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, the Chicago Cubs, and the Milwaukee Brewers. In the NL West four out of the five teams in the division have a shot at post-season play and they are the LA Dodgers, the San Diego Padres, the division-leading Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies.

Enjoy the stretch run of MLB’s regular season and get yourself ready for post season baseball.