Scientific Proof that Thinking About Sports Bets is Bad!

Predicting the winner when betting on sports is of crucial importance, and every day many bettors, bookmakers and handicappers spend a lot of time thinking about all the many, many factors that are involved.

Unfortunately for them, research by Song-Oh Yoon and colleagues from the Korea University Business School suggests that over-thinking sports bets and odds may be bad.

The crux of the issues is that there are so many factors involved in predicting the outcome of sports events that as people zero in on the details they may over-evaluate particular factors and give them too much weight. As such, you may end up analyzing the betting odds incorrectly and predicting the wrong outcome.

That being said, the research also showed that experts outperformed novices when making predictions. Coupled with the other results, this has led to the suggestion that while greater knowledge can help make better sports bets, focusing too much on the details involved when making those bets can often be counterproductive.

Needless to say, the research isn’t conclusive beyond all shadow of a doubt, but its basis is interesting enough for any sports bettor to keep in mind. Even if nothing else, being aware of the dangers of over-emphasizing particular factors as opposed to others is a valid concern.

Betting on pure instinct alone may not be all that helpful either, but if those instincts are coupled with a solid knowledge of the game, the statistics and all the factors involved then that would probably be ideal.

Whether or not any handicappers or bookmakers take this advice to heart is another story, but suffice to say it isn’t something that anyone should bet against! With more and more studies such as the Korean one being conducted, maybe in the near future better ways of predicting sports bets will surface too.

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